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FHM Engage Provides Family Planning Market Description Insights in Nepal

In early March 2024, FHM Engage Project Director Dana Tilson and Senior Market Development Advisor Mr. Shankar Subramaniem traveled to Nepal to support FHM Engage Commercial Expansion Strategies and Segmentation Analysis and to disseminate insights from the Nepal Family Planning Market Description, identify entry points for commercial actors, and inform pricing and distribution strategies of social marketing organizations (SMOs). The intended focus expanded to include an analysis of rules and regulations to recommend adaptations for addressing market development gaps.

During their travel, our FHM Engage colleagues engaged in strategic meetings with esteemed partners and key stakeholders such as CRS Healthcare, including sessions with USAID/Nepal. They facilitated a dissemination event to share project insights, progress, and outcomes, emphasizing presenting findings from the Nepal market description and rules analysis, thereby underlining the importance of their contributions.

On March 12, 2024, FHM Engage convened a workshop to disseminate market sizing analysis and co-design strategies to encourage private sector participation. The aim was to enable informed decisions by private sector and social marketing actors regarding product categories and geographic distribution to enhance access to family planning (FP) products.

Following the dissemination, FHM Engage will continue to explore methods to assess the uptake of market intelligence, beginning with market actors' self-reported understanding and utilization of the information.

This collaborative effort seeks to empower market actors with comprehensive insights into market dynamics and regulatory frameworks, ultimately fostering sustainable growth and efficiency while improving market equity and accessibility to essential products.

Scenes from MD workshop Nepal


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