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The Importance of Stewardship in Strengthening Health Markets in Liberia, Madagascar, and Pakistan

On March 28, 2024, FHM Engage hosted a webinar to answer: What is stewardship? Who “does” stewardship? Why is stewardship important in market development? How do we improve stewardship to strengthen health markets?

The technical showcase explored the concept of stewardship in the context of health market development. Speakers from Liberia, Madagascar, and Pakistan shared how FHM Engage used a market description approach (MDA) in these countries to landscape a full range of market actors and identify key stakeholders to play a stewardship role. Presenters explained how FHM Engage is strengthening the capacity of these market actors in different ways, through a variety of activities, to steward the health markets effectively in each country and improve market performance to ensure the delivery of safe, affordable, appropriate health products and services.


  • Dana Tilson, Project Director, Moderator
  • Abena Amoakuh, USAID Opening Remarks
  • Monte Achenbach, Technical Director
  • Sophie Parwon, Chief of Party, Liberia
  • Davy Robson, Product Specialist, Madagascar
  • Laila Gardezi, Senior Technical Advisor, Pakistan

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  • Published on : 29-Mar-24

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  • Country : Liberia, Madgascar, Pakistan
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