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FHM Engage Completes Data Collection for a Health Facilities Assessment in Nigeria

Our FHM Engage team in Nigeria, in partnership with Insight Health Consulting, has successfully completed data collection for a health facility assessment in two states, Ebonyi and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. This assessment, targeting 4,000 private health facilities (covering patient and private medicine vendors, community pharmacies, clinics, and maternity), will pave the way for establishing​ market access and facilitating business linkages that will drive market systems changes and improve delivery and access​ to quality maternal, newborn, and child health, as well as family planning services in the target states. Over the coming weeks, the team will finalize the analysis of the gathered data and generate insights from the assessment.

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Banner photo: A health care provider speaks with a patient in Nigeria. Photo credit: FHM Engage.


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  • Published on : 09-Jul-24

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